Maria is a professional, first-rate comedian: the audience falls out of their seats in laughter. Nobody leaves the show early. Maria has the confidence, comedic timing and ability to read her audience so that she can make the show fully interactive. She’s a programmer’s dream: accommodating, flexible, relatively inexpensive and fun to work with.
— Robin L. Whitmore, Director, Women’s Resources and Research Center University of California, Davis

Sex Rules!, performed by Maria Falzone, is one of the most popular, hilarious, and impactful programs that teaches college students about safer sex. Maria is the creator of a powerful (and hilarious!) sex education program for college students called “Sex Rules!” which she performs around the country at hundreds of universities each year.

Maria shares her personal story of shame and suffering about sex and how after contracting an STI from a friend she was forced to take an honest look at how powerless she was in her choices about sex. Her ability to connect with students in a very real and personal way allows her to lay the foundation to explaining the RULES to greater and safer sex. Students are attracted to the program because it's a comedy performance, but they leave with the information we want them to have, covering the critical topics of: body image and self-esteem, safer sex, alcohol, STIs, communication, healthy relationships and personal responsibility.

Maria then goes on to explain the rules in a very funny and frank manner. Who do the rules apply to? All of us! If you want to wait till your married GREAT! You still need to learn how to have sex. If you're gay, bisexual or transgender the rules are also the same, and Maria dives into this further during her show.